Only a decade back, nectar collectors came into existence, and since then, they have flourished continuously in popularity. Nectar collectors, also known as concentrate straws, are a great alternative to the traditional dabbing rigs. It allows better control over the amount of concentrate or extracts you dab. You can sink your nectar collector’s heated tip into the quartz dish (containing the concentrate) while inhaling it.

Unlike the rigs, there is no rush to finish up a speedily evaporating dab irretrievably placed on a hot nail. With Nectar Collector, you can always move the heated tip away from the concentrate when you are done. That was the real boon of a Nectar Collector, but now comes the critical part: consider which one is the best Nectar Collector setup for you. It will help if you look out for a few things while choosing the best piece for yourself.

  • Quality. These pieces tend to be very delicate. They are composed of three or more parts that need to be fastened together. Hence it becomes imperative to procure it from a reputed manufacturer only. You can purchase from small companies, but there will always be a risk of minor (sometimes significant) manufacturing defects. Not only can these defects lead to major faults, but they also make your nectar collector a useless piece.
  • Durability. One may think that a nectar collector is better if it is portable enough so you can carry it around. Kindly note, more portability means more chances of dropping it. Moreover, being compact means a tiny gap between the collector’s glass body and the red-hot tip. Hence, it would be best to opt for a piece that is either made of thick glass or quartz, which reduces the risk of breaking one. The quality of the glass is essential as it decides the shelf life of the nectar collector. So, if you have to pay a few dollars extra for a sturdy, high-quality piece that will last for years, it seems to be a great deal.
  • Design. Presently, there are scores of nectar collectors in the market with varying designs. Nowadays, some pieces have frosted joints or unique glass body designs. The designs attribute towards the dab quality and make it a beautiful artwork for your home. Depending on your personal preferences and likings, choose your Nectar Collector design wisely.
  • Additional features. You can fill some pieces with water. It is one feature that cools down the hit, filters the smoke, and gives you a soothing experience. However, it doesn’t end here. Gone are those days when you required a butane torch to heat your tip. Nowadays, electric nectar collectors are in much vogue. They are sleek, portable, and run on electric power but gives you the same pleasure that your traditional collectors give.

Despite your unique preferences, you can always find a great nectar collector that perfectly fits your needs and criteria. Let us share some of the best nectar collectors of 2021. Let’s get started.

  1. The Collector. It is a fusion of simplicity and creativity. The little piece is an incredible collector that would add charm to your dab sessions. aLeaf Collector is now available for only $24.99. If you are looking for something on a small budget, this is what you need.
  2. Platinum Series – Bulb with Matrix Perc. Take your dabbing session to a different new level with this Platinum Series piece that comes with multifunctional Matrix perc. Platinum has a purifying effect that elevates your dabs and makes it a cherishing experience. And now celebrate the beginning of 2021 with a hefty 61% discount. Order this Platinum Series Bulb with Matrix Perc for $99.99 only.
  3. Portable E-nail. Get rid of the intimidating process of dealing with high temperatures and get a hold of this fantastic, Portable E-nail by aLeaf. Charge your E-nail, press the button. Take the tip close to your concentrate and inhale. That is all the hard work you need to do to enjoy your favorite extracts. Depending on the concentrate, you can choose different temperatures for your dabs. Believe it or not, it is much more convenient and safer than the traditional dabs you have prepared all these years. This New Year, enjoy a fabulous 51% discount on aLeaf Portable E-nail. Take home your buddy e-nail for only $99.99.

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